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Remembering Gene's Legacy; Celebrating Inclusion and Diversity



After 57 years, the Star Trek Universe has continued to expand exponentially.  There are millions of loyal Star Trek fans from around the world, watching and dreaming of a better future for humankind.  

The Star Trek Family is a community that seeks to work together to build that better future.  We celebrate the lessons that Gene Roddenberry and his successors have passed on through the storytelling of Star Trek.  We come together in peace and respectful harmony to share our collective passions.  We do all this by accessing the shared sense of community we all share in Star Trek, that sense of being "one" family.

One of the main goals of the Star Trek Family is to bridge a gap between the fans and all the professionals who worked on the shows.  We boast as part of our membership creative professionals, actors, makeup artists, special effects artists, authors, scriptwriters, prop makers, model builders, and so many more from behind-the-scenes.  This opens up a new avenue of communication, education and celebration of the many things that makes Star Trek the cultural phenomenon it is today.  Fans are afforded an opportunity to thank the professionals for their work, and professionals an opportunity to showcase their talented handiwork.  

Above all, the Star Trek Family is a vehicle for bringing together people in a respectful, warm and inviting forum to discuss our love for the show; to work as a collective family towards building A better future; to boldly go where no fanbase has gone before! 

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The Star Trek fan community is a diverse and wonderful thing.  We come from all walks of life, different cultures and backgrounds, varied political and religious beliefs... The one thing that connects all of us is this fascinating franchise known as Star Trek.

When we access that shared community, that sense of "family" that unites us, we THRIVE!



Gene Roddenberry told us that in the future, diversity is part of what made us stronger.  That is true today too, although it's harder to see.  Here at the Star Trek Family, we celebrate our diversity as fans.  We celebrate the communities we live in, the nationalities we come from, and the languages we speak.  We even celebrate in respectful ways the diversity in opinions on all the various Trek shows, movies and offerings.



Our fan community is a microcosm of a much larger world.  Star Trek broke new ground by depicting how everyone could be included in a better future - all genders, all colors, all creeds, and (in true sci-fi fashion) all species,  Our Star Trek Family genuinely celebrates all of our differences, and their inclusion in the franchise!   



Any Star Trek fan that goes to a convention or large gathering of Trekkies knows the feeling - you walk into the room single, alone, and are instantly surrounded by hundreds of your best friends that you never knew you had.  While we may disagree on aspects of the franchise, the friendships we form over our shared love for Star Trek is strong and important to so many of us.



Star Trek fans are amazingly committed to building a better future, and many do that through charitable donations to causes that truly need addressing in this world.  The Star Trek Family proudly partners with and supports several charities throughout the year to help solve some real-world problems.  The generosity of our members is incredibly appreciated.

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